Indian Peacock – Facts, Cost and Scientific Details of Peafowl

Peacock is a beautiful bird, generally known for its stunning plumage, and often found it warm climates like India and Sri Lanka.

With its stunning plumage and beautiful colors, it attracts attention but let us tell you that only males have a colorful tail.

There are several species of peacock that generally has smaller tail than the one that we find in Indian peacock. The Indian peacock has a typical tail that is long, colorful.

Peacock Scientific Classification & Facts

ClassAves (Birds)
Species crisatus (Indian or blue peafowl); muticus (green peafowl)

Life Span15 to 20 years
Global conservation statusLeast Concern
Global locationAsia and Africa (commonly found in India and Sri Lanka)
ColorGreen, Blue, Brown
WeightMale - 3.6 to 6 Kg (8 to 12 punds )
Female - 2.8 kg to 4 kg (6 to 8 pound)
LengthMale - 180 to 250 cms ( 70 to 100 inches)
Female - 90 to 110 CM (35 to 40 inches)
Food Habits (Prey)Omnivorous
Seeds, grains, berries, small reptiles, insects, figs etc
PredatorsTigers, leopards, moongoose, jungle cats, raccon
Quick FactPeahens and peacock are birds, together called as peafowl

How much does a peacock cost?

On average, a peacock can cost $150, but the price can range from $50 to $350. Generally, price is influenced by the type of bird, age, cost of transportation from the breeder to your home, health of the bird, and various other factors. Indian blue peacocks are the cheapest type of peacock, while you need to shell out more for the white peacock.

When you are buying peacock as a pet, it is always better to buy peachicks than the grown-up birds since peachicks are easy to train.

Facts about Peacock

1. Peacock is a national bird of India

Considering the presence of peacocks across the country, being a symbol of grace and beauty as well as no other country having peacock as a national bird hence peacock was declared as the national bird of India in 1963

Indian peacock is a beautiful swan-sized bird that has a fan-shaped crest on its head and generally has more 200+ colorful feathers.

2. Peacock is a male

Male and female is peafowl. The Male is called peacock, while the female is called a peahen.

Males are more colorful and beautiful than peahens. Peacocks typically mate with multiple partners, generally around 2 to 5 partners throughout their lives. Baby peacock is known as baby peafowl.

3. Peacock feathers are called as “Train”

Generally, peacock feathers are referred as train, and they only develop after the 3 years. Only male has a long train while peahen lacks it. The exact function of the train is unclear but often believed to be helpful for attracting females and displaying level of fitness.

Indian Peacock
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Conservation Status of Indian Peafowl

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