Can Frogs Feel Happiness? Can Frogs feel Emotions?

Happy frog

Frogs and toads are fascinating pets because of their distinctive and diverse behaviors. Even though they are not as common as other pets, they still have the same requirements for affection as any other pet. But what about their emotions? Can frog/toad feel happiness? Frogs can be happy and express emotions, but they do it differently than people. … Read more

Are There Squirrels in Hawaii?


Hawaii is a beautiful island with a fantastic culture and breathtaking scenery. It also has a great number of beautiful wildlife, including seals and whales. But what about squirrels? Are their squirrels in Hawaii? No, you won’t find any squirrels in Hawaii. It is because squirrels are not indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands and have never been introduced. … Read more

13 Stunning Animals That Float On Water

Duck flaoting on water

If you toss a stone into the water, you probably already know what will happen to it. In fact, anything with a higher density than that of water will sink. You’ve undoubtedly already realized that you, yourself, will sink if you don’t put in the effort to swim and exert yourself in order to stay afloat. … Read more

What Eats Seaweed in Ocean? List of Seaweed-eating Animals

fish eating seaweed

Seaweed is similar to other types of aquatic plants that may be found growing in various water-based environments such as rivers, seas, and lakes.  Around 12000 different types of seaweed species may be found in the globe today with abundant amounts. Due to the huge seaweed availability, there are a great number of creatures that can … Read more

Axolotl – Facts, Habitat, Diet, Pictures & FAQ’s

Axolotl Pink

The axolotl is an aquatic animal also known as Ambystoma mexicanum. Axolotl is native to Mexico and often found in Lake Xochimilco. The common name of Axolotl is “water monster” or “Mexican walking fish”. They can grow up to 1 foot in length and live up to 15 years in captivity. How much does a … Read more

How Many Colors Can Wolves Come In? Wolf Colors Explained with Pictures

Wolf in Jungle

Wolves are massive carnivores and the biggest Canid family member, often known as the dog family. Wolves may be found in every single region of the world. However, in contrast to dogs, they have never been tamed; hence their interactions with people are typically reserved and distrustful. But what about wolves’ body coat colors? How … Read more

13 Unique Fish With Big Eyes – The BigEye Fish List

Colorful cichlid

Fish come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes, from tiny little guppies to humongous whale sharks. Although it’s not the size of the fish that we’re focusing on here, it’s the size of their eyes. A brief breakdown of the from the front to back would be; the cornea, a transparent cover for … Read more

How Much Does a Peacock cost? Types, Price and Buying Guide

Peacock in wild

Peacocks are often considered to be among the most exotic bird species in the world. Their feathers are iridescent, highly colored, and fan-shaped, so it is impossible to miss their beauty when they are around. Peacocks are mainly used for eggs, meat, and ornamental purposes. Some people also kept them as pets. But, regardless of … Read more

10 Most Awesome Animals That Have the Longest Tongues

Green Woodpecker Tongue

From gulping water to catching insects, the kingdom Animalia is filled with various animals that use the tongue as a multipurpose organ. What Animals Have the Longest Tongues? The giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) from Latin America was made it to the Genius World record book for its ability to extend its tongue at least 45 … Read more